For Owners

Why has my pet been referred to CardioRespiratory Pet Referrals Victoria?

CPR Victoria has the only registered veterinary cardiology specialist in Victoria offering access to:

  • State of the Art Pediatric Echocardiography with the latest software and 
    imaging technology
  • High speed 4 –slice computed tomography (CT) for analysis of the nasal tract and lungs.
  • Rhinoscopy and nasal biopsy for the investigation of nasal disease
  • Bronchoscopic investigation of chronic airway disease, chronic coughing and for removal of inhaled foreign bodies.
  • A Collaborative Partnership with your Primary Care Veterinarian
  • Coordination of Urgent and Same day referrals
  • Echocardiograms and ECGs performed with you present to comfort your pet and aid in the explanation of your pet’s condition 
  • Early, accurate diagnosis and collaboration between cardiologist and primary care veterinarian results in the best outcome for your pet, and peace of mind for you.
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